The Perfect Zinc Supplements to help you overcome Immune disorders

Boost,detoxify your brains with Zinc supplements

Considering the importance of supporting brain health, reproduction in both male and female, child growth and biological functions of the body as a whole it’s vital to ensure favorable amounts of zinc are taken care of in our daily diets.

I love to remind you though that: Many Over the counter vitamin E supplements are synthetically manufactured yet your body can easily tell you between an "alpha-D-tocopherol" which's natural vitamin e and "dl-alpha-tocopherol" which's a synthetic supplement by the ease of conversion by the liver. I personally recommend you go for the alpha d type which's the right key in the right lock.

                                      Why The Need for Zinc?

  Although required in trace amounts when compared to other food nutrients it is one of the elements needed in maintaining the body's immune system.zinc deficiency brings about a series of disorders like:low or changed appetite,restlessness,stunted or retarded growth in children,poor wound healing,hair loss,disorders resulting from a broken or compromised immune system,frequent colds and flue,distorted senses of smell and taste.

Zinc supplements taken in combination with iron increases the absorption rate of vitamin A in children and ease of access whenever needed by the body.Numerous cells in the body require zinc for multiplication  and many other biological function like reproduction,detoxification and insulin control.zinc is the main agent in proper functionality of most digestive enzymes,supports male reproductive systems by increasing testosterone levels thus suppressing the rate at which prostate cancer attacks.

                                        Impact of zinc deficiency

  • Low white blood cells count per mill liter of blood,also impacts on the immune response of the body.
  • One of the proteins Gustin connected with our sense of taste and smell is directly impacted by the reducing levels of available body zinc.
  • zinc has an impact on the production of the hormone thyroxine from the thyroid gland around the neck area.
  • It also facilitates insulin response, in that deficiency will cause un-stable blood sugar resulting in impaired metabolic rate (the rate at which the body uses and creates energy).
  • Our genetic make up needs zinc to read and eventually code genetic instructions.

                                        Sources of zinc

  • Oysters-the highest in content
  • Calf Liver
  • Wheat germ
  • Mushrooms
  • Sea foods(crabs)
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • spinach
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Nuts and legumes

                                        Notable side effects of zinc

Zinc from rocks (sulphate) impacts on nervous system causing nausea.some people are reactive to lactose based zinc,most over-the counter supplements widely on market have been found to have zinc toxicity which may present themselves as (a) chronic (b) acute

Acute forms have been linked to loss of appetite and vomiting while chronic effects are responsible for impaired functioning of the minerals copper and iron in the body.One draw back from plant based zinc is the element Phytates which binds itself to zinc making it difficult for the body to access zinc a common dis order in vegetarians.

                                      Zinc-medication interactions

zinc will interact with tetracycline to hinder absorption,make it a point to take zinc supplements two hours after your medication rota.

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