Therapeutic Benefits of Whey Proteins

                                                         Why Whey Proteins

Strongly advertised as one of the highest quality proteins with high concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are the building units of muscles Whey is one of the bi-products of milk. Whey is used by our bodies to rebuild and repair muscles after strenuous work outs. One of whey’s characteristics is the ease with which it can be absorbed by the body (15-20minutes)

Whey Protein types

Whey isolates obtained by use of a filtering process known as cross-flow micro filtration which removes most of the lactose contained in milk or whey being filtered, thus leading to higher concentrations of protein isoletes.

Whey concentrate-similarly obtained by filtration process where milk is forcefully passed through a minute filter which allows organic materials, minerals and water to pass through. This process is used to produce lactose-free protein powder.

Hydrolyzed whey-obtained by breaking down protein isolates produced during cross-flow filtering process into smaller pieces to allow ease of digestion, this type though is a bit expensive.

Who should use whey products?

Typically used by body builders, athletes, malnourished children and every one in need of proteins provided its taken in recommended doses as too much protein can load destructive effects on kidneys, increasing the chances of contracting osteoporosis. Otherwise whey is completely safe to use however as with any diet supplement one should seek advice from a doctor or a qualified herbal professional before adding whey to his or her diet, results vary from person to person.

I love to remind you though that: Many Over the counter vitamin E supplements are synthetically manufactured yet your body can easily tell you between an "alpha-D-tocopherol" which's natural vitamin e and "dl-alpha-tocopherol" which's a synthetic supplement by the ease of conversion by the liver. I personally recommend you go for the alpha d type which's the right key in the right lock.

Best whey products

Many products and brands are available over the counter but one should look for pure, blended synergistic supplements fortified with other beneficial life nutrients like; vitamins and minerals. Again look for products formulated under strict GMP compliance (world's best pharmaceutical quality control body) with the purest ingredients.

Benefits of whey

There are various gains of whey compared to other sources of proteins

  • whey has the highest number per 100 grammes of essential amino acids of the (BCAAs) type
  • it has got enormously high biological value meaning the higher the BV the easier the absorption.
  • whey protein is safe and effective for lactose intolerant individuals.
  • effective in enhancing immunity and inhibiting of free radicals.
  • whey has an element Lactoperoxidase which is known to fight eradicate micro-organisms.

Choosing the right whey type to use is pretty much dependent on what one is looking for. For example you will need whey isolates after a work out, while casein and other whole food proteins are generally cheaper if you’re to take the economy avenue.

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