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Basing on latest research A, B, C, D, E are the most needed Vitamins For Brain Function essentially.

The brain requires vitamins and nourishment which can improve the brain functions, prevent neurological disorders, and reverse cell degeneration. The benefits of vitamins and supplements that improve the brain functions and processes are divided into three groups. 

B complex is one of the many Vitamins For Brain Function that protect the neurons in the brain from deterioration. B vitamins are associated with enhancing the production of red blood cells, which circulates through the body, as well as, maintaining the good functioning and maintaining sound health of the brain processes.  Vitamin B1 which is usually referred to as thiamine is responsible for the key fuel that the brain uses, which is processing glucose that prevents memory deterioration or neurological disorders. Vitamin B1 is mainly found in soybeans, sunflower, and whole wheat bread.

The brain’s optimum performance is critical for the body efficient functioning, while on the other hand, most brain functions such as cognitive abilities that include problem solving, memory, language, and attention may show signs of decline.  Therefore, vitamins, certain foods, and nutrients play a significant role in the development of the brain and maintaining the brain functions.

Vitamin D

Scientists are linking the fat soluble vitamin D’s hormone like activity to various functions of the brain, since there are receptors for vitamin D in the entire central nervous system, as well as, in the hippocampus.  Vitamin D is also responsible for activating and deactivating the enzymes found in the brain, together with the cerebrospinal fluid that is concerned with nerve growth and neurotransmitter synthesis, as well as, protecting neurons and reducing inflammation. An optimum level of vitamin D reduces cognitive impairment which is a precursor for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Vitamin B-12

This vitamin is water soluble needed in the formation of red blood cells and for efficient functioning of the central nervous system vitamin B-12 is also concerned with synthesizing a number of chemicals found in the brain. It is also associated with response alertness, visual spatial skills, memory, response speed, and associative learning.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E also known as alpha-tocopherol is a form of an antioxidant, and vitamin E supplements are responsible for reducing the risks  associated with the mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and maintaining health brain function. It is mainly found in foods such as corn, nuts, seeds, and olives.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is water soluble Vitamins For Brain Function that plays a significant role in synthesizing of iodine and norepinephrine, which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for mood regulation that is important for brain function. Norepinephrine helps with maintaining attention, as well as, flight and fight response of the human body.  A lack of vitamin C leads to diminished production of norepinephrine, which may affect many functioning of the brain.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known to promote learning, and evidence is available to suggest that the vitamin influences brain cell activities, in the brain region that is concerned with learning and memory. The vitamin is also required in the development of growing embryo’s nervous system, and is very crucial for brain functioning during the early stages of life.

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