Numerous Vitamin A benefits for the entire body

Vitamin A benefits

Vitamin A also known as (retinol and beta carotene) is a wonder vitamin owing to the fact that it can be produced by the body depending on the amount of beta carotene (Yellow or orange-red fat-soluble pigments in plants) available in the body.

Forms Of Vitamin A

Carotene and vitamin A derived from plants is sub categorized in the following groups

  • crypto-carotene
  • alpha-carotene
  • gamma-carotene
  • beta-carotene

the second vitamin A type comes from animals and is also sub-categorized into

  • retinol and
  • dehdroretinol

Health benefits of Vitamin A

We all know that Vitamin A is needed for a health skin, facilitates our vision at night, helps in boosting the immune system. It's highly oxidative which makes it a suitable agent in protecting our body cells against pollutants like: air, water and environment.

Effects of Deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency in young children and growing infants may present with poor or retarded growth other effects include: brittle hair and dryness of the skin, night blindness and also eye sight problems related to cornea ulcers and conjunctiva dryness.other deficiency symptoms like skin boils and acne, itchy eyes, respiratory infections,abscess formation in the ears and frequent colds are all associated with too little vitamin A being supplied to the body.

Lack of vitamin A combined with lack of proteins in the body can cause dryness of the scalp, acceleration of insomnia and reproductive health difficulties.

Side Effects And Toxicity Of Excessive Vitamin A Intake

As with all supplements, always seek medical supervision from your health care provider since dosages differ from person to person where some individuals may experience dizziness, nausea, itchiness, irritability, and menstrual problems even at low doses of vitamin A intake.

others can tolerate doses as high as 15,000 IU per day if the dosage is taken for a short span of time. Prolonged use can cause liver damage, increase lipid concentration in blood, hair loss and muscle pain. Pregnant women should avoid excessive intake of vitamin A to avoid birth rate defects.That being said Vitamin A (beta carotene group) has no known toxicity.

Recommended Dosage for Optimum Vitamin A benefits

I always recommend  pure vitamin/supplements extracts manufactured and distributed under strict GMP compliance formulated synergetically. always take vitamin A food compliments supplemented with useful nutrients to counter balance the side effects caused by high intake of vitamin A. for example if one takes vitamin A with B group vitamins supplemented with vitamin E, choline and essential fatty acids one will get better therapeutic benefits than taking each nutrient separately. Also Calcium works synergetically with zinc and phosphorus for optimal results and better absorption.

Vitamin A and all other water soluble vitamins is destroyed when exposed to light and vegetables rich in beta carotene should not be soaked in water for long to avoid escape of nutrients to the solvent.also vitamin A reacts with copper and iron, so precaution should be taken while using copper and iron utensils to prepare this vitamin.

Extreme Requirements for Vitamin A

More vitamin A intake is required for people on a low-fat diet, alcoholics, smokers and people exposed to pollutants need extra-ordinary amounts of vitamin A.(medical disclaimer)

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