Factual Information on The Wonders of Turmericroot Herb

Turmericroot herb-also known as (curcuma longa) botanically was since time immemorial originally grown in India and the sub-Himalayan ranges now grown allover tropical and sub tropical countries.Indian women use turmeric powder"Haldi"as the main ingredient in cooking after boiling and crushing the the root into powder

Turmeric root do contain a reasonable pyto-ingredients (plant derived nutrients), is readily and cheaply available, has got a high value of anti-oxidant power among known herbs and spice types. That's why it's been used in Hindu community and in TCM for its medicinal values. Since antiquity curcumin (a deep orange-yellow pigment) is the main active ingredient in turmeric, it has a peppery warm-bitter taste with sweet and pleasant fragrance.

Turmericroot Herb Health Benefits

  • Indians use it as a disinfectant by applying turmeric paste all over their bodies before taking a bath they also use turmeric for acne treatment. turmeric root paste when applied to the face and allowed to dry and rubbed a little works as a facial scrub
  • Turmeric root powder sprinkled on open cuts and bruises can heal progressively.
  • Paste when applied to the body enhances beauty by curing pimples and scars.
  • Taken with green tea turmeric posses the greatest anti-oxidant quality.
  • Turmeric-cauliflower combination has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and inhibit the growth of existing prostate cancer cells.
  • May inhibit the amyloyd plaque build up in the brain thus fighting Alzheimer's disease.
  • Turmeric is a natural liver cleanser and it's said to enhance digestive health.
  • It fights Leukemia in children and growing infants.
  • Turmeric is a cyclooxygenase-2 (an enzyme which makes prostagrandins that cause inflammation  pain and fever) inhibitor and a natural pain killer
  • Owing to turmericroot herb's anti-inflamatory qualities, it is used in TCM to treat rheumatoid arthritis, depression and arthritis.

studies are underway to study  the performance effects of turmeric on myeloma (tumors in the bone marrow) and possibly cancer. Pure turmeric extracts in powder or pill form often (250-500 mg capsules) is available in many food stores. 

I personally recommend using supplements extracts for optimum health benefits for instance Turmeric supplemented with yorghurt makes a good combination to fight dry skin, also Turmeric-black pepper combination is very good for absorption related concerns. Yet a combination consisting of flax oil , milk, green tea and blue berries is effective for most ailments and overall health benefits like; anti-microbial, anti-flatulent, VitaminB6, riboflavin and niacin.

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) Of Turmericroot Herb per 100 g Information

0% Cholesterol, 517% Iron, 138 Vitamin B6, 340% Manganese, 54% Potassium, 21% Vitamin E, 40% Zinc, 32% Niacin, 43% Vitamin C, 53% Dietary Fiber
Take a few grams each day in powder, capsule or flesh root to get protection from inflammatory disease, cancer and cholesterol related heart diseases and stroke.

Culinary benefits of Turmeric Root

  • Turmeric powder is a nice food compliment which increases the flagrance and flavor of most dishes.
  • Used as a natural preservative to increase the shell life of perishable foods like; meat, fish and chicken.
  • Leaves are used to add flavor to favorite dishes.
  • Turmeric has  been used as a natural food coloring agent.
  • Carefully boiled in water, gently roasted, ground and mixed with garlic, provides a rich flagrance aroma of most curry powders.

Contra-indications Of Turmeric root Herb

Turmeric should not be applied to the scalp since it is a good hair in hibitor

People with gallstones and or bile obstruction defects should not use or take turmeric

Pregnant women should first seek for a doctor's advice before using turmeric since its a uterine stimulus

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