High protein soy supplements health benefits and risks

Soy foods and its constituents are the mostly used soy supplements today with a variety of other foods like: breakfast cereals, soups, desserts, Tofu, salad dressings and formulas.soy complements can be found in forms like: powders, shakes and isolates

Contents of soy foods

  1. Pytoestrogens (Estrogen Compounds in plants) helps check cancer cells growth within the body.
  2. Phytates and phenolic acids have anti-oxidant properties.
  3. Saponins and Phytosterols aid in regulation of cholesterol

Therapeutic Benefits of Soy

  •  Soy foods taken with Creatine (a natural supplement in most protein foods, animals and in the human heart, brain skeletal muscles) assist in building our muscles
  • Control of bad cholesterol  and blood lipids consumption of soy powder, Tofu, and soy milk helps lower cholesterol to a certain extent.
  • Regulation of blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. Soy proteins help improve kidney functionality in type 2 diabetic patients, but research is not forth coming in support of over aged women with diabetes 2 on the use of soy products.
  • Reduction in testosterone levels. Studies slowly provide slight decrease in testosterone levels with no or minimal effects on other hormones.
  • Taking soy food products can help improve osteoarthritis related ailment symptoms however, its more of benefit to men compared to women.

What Are The Possible Dangers of Soy Foods?

Most babies who are fed mainly on soy milk have had complications with their in-born thyroid hormones. If proper thyroid replacement medication is not administered soon enough, their brains may fail to properly develop.

Conflicting studies have come up advising women not to aver take soy supplements due to its high levels of estrogen compounds that may accelerate breast tumor growth and hence breast cancer. Yet Japanese women who have a  slightly higher in take of soy food products also have one of the longest life span.

Another unfounded concern is the possibility of the reduction in sperm count and impaired fertility resulting in high soy consumption.Once again Asians who consume more soy foods and supplements on a daily and regular basis have a slightly higher fertility rate.

Some people are allergic to soy, but i personally recommend organic, fermented soy productsts to reduce the allergic reactions. Also fermented soy supplements have a considerable number of amino acids proteins that are not easily recognized by  protein anti bodies that produce allergic reactions.

Take a wide variety of organic fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fish and vegetables as these should not pose any health threats and could as well provide certain wellness improving benefits.

In addition if one is to go pick a supplement, choose pure supplement extracts manufactured under the regulatory GMP compliance standards

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