Osteoporosis Treatment

osteoporosis treatment introduction

A disease which causes the bones to become weak and brittle(suspect able) to breakages or fracture.the same disease can progress without showing osteoporosis symptoms or signs of pain until fracture occurs.

Osteoporosis treatment goes along with a combination of medication and lifestyle changes, and therefore, the treatment of osteoporosis involves calcium, vitamin D, weight veering exercises, prevention of falls, and bone friendly medicines. This disease is responsible for more than one and a half million fractures globally, people including my self used to believe that osteoporosis is an elderly women’s disease currently symptoms have shown themselves in any person of any age. women are more vulnerable as they can be attacked by the age as low as 25

Medication and Natural Treatment

However, osteoporosis conditions cannot be reversed, it may be treated and prevented in a number of ways, especially using the medications available in the market , and can be grouped in the categories  known as bishosphonates, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS), Home replacement therapy(HRT), Non sex hormones, and RANK Ligand inhibitor. Bisphosphonates acts as inhibitors that work against the enzymes dealing with breaking the bones down in a process known as resorption.  (The organic process in which the substance of some differentiated structure that has been produced by the body undergoes destruction of cells and assimilation) These drugs act directly within the bone structure, as well as, working to decrease the rate at which the bone is breaking down. Some examples of these drugs include alendronates, risedronates, ibandronates, and zoledronate.

Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) mimic the estrogens, and make the body to preserve the bone it has by acting like an estrogen. Some examples include raloxifenes, bazedoxifenes, and lasofoxifenes.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prevents osteoporosis around the period of menopause, and acts by substituting the sex hormones such as progesterone, which the body stops producing after menopause. Examples of drugs containing a combination of progesterones and estrogens are cenestins, prempos, alora, esclim, premarim, vivelle, and Estraderm.

The non sex hormone acts by suppressing osteoclasts, an enzyme which digests the bone that releases phosphorous and calcium into the blood. Calcitonin is an example of these drugs.

RANK Ligand inhibitor prevents the resoption of the osteoclasts function, survival, and formation, and the drug available is denosumab or prolia which is injected every six months. Other bone forming drugs are parathyroid hormone (PTH), which stimulates formation of new bone, such as teriparatide or forteo. Strontium ranelate is another drug that reduces bone breakdown and enhances bone formation such as strontium ranelate or protos. 

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes include checking the high risk behaviors such as smoking, alcohol, and practical and psychological support. Smoking does not augur well with the health of the bones, and especially women levels of estrogen decreases with smoking, which results into reduced bone mass. Smokers absorb less calcium from food.

Quitting alcohol intake is another form of treatment, since heavy drinking is associated with fractures and bone loss, which is further related increased risk of fall and poor nutrition. Since no treatment or cure exist for osteoporosis, though better treatment programs are obtainable from supporting networks. Patients receive information, as well as, lessen the patients’ state of depression, and they obtain advice relating to treatment strategies.


Nutrition and exercises

Diets high in calcium and vitamin D are highly recommended, which helps in strengthening the bones and maintaining tithe bones health. Calcium supplements and low vitamin D doses reduced the risk of hip fracture among the elderly in nursing care homes. Sufficient vitamin D and calcium in the body are essential for the treatment using bisphosphonates.

Exercises and weight bearing exercises are very significant in osteoporosis treatment programs. Bones are a form of living tissues that requires exercises to become stronger and healthy. These exercises also maintain the building up of bone mass.

Osteoporosis prevention through building of strong bones and bone density (maximum solidness and strength) plus a healthy life style because currently there’s no known cure, apart from the treatments available. still early screening is equally important


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