Outstanding Onion Benefits

Onion Benefits

Onions are a natural source of anti-biotic, anti-oxidant, stomachic, expectorant and also a useful tonic for colds and flue

Widely used in each and every average kitchen all over the world as a culinary ingredient, onions (Alluim cepa) are said to be cousins with Garlic, leek and scallion.Onions can grow in every part of the world with china and India being the largest producers

Our main concern today will basically depend on the plant part known as the bulb which is mostly used both culinary and medicinary

For many centuries onion and garlic have been used as a folk remedy to absorb and cure tumors, alleviate heart failure conditions, used in colon cleansing and relieves brain fatigue.

Both garlic and onions have been traditionally used in ancient India as aphrodisiacs (a drug or any other agent that may stimulate sexual desire) Since most of the alluim cepas have a pungent taste and a violent attack to the eyes while one is preparing them on the chopping board many people fail to utilize the full therapeutic values contained in this bulb.

Apparently onions are extracted and supplemented with other nutrients to ease its ingestion and maximize the many onion benefits. For example; purified onion extracts of onion can be mixed with honey or lemon to form strong anti fungals, expectorants, anti diabetics, antiseptics and tonics.

Onion supplements effects on health conditions

Taken in bigger amounts onions have been shown to have therapeutic values in controlling high blood sugar levels by blocking and hindering the production of insulin within the liver.20-30 grams of flesh raw onions taken directly or as a juice extract 3 times a day is effective in controlling diabetes types 1 and 2

Onion and Garlic is also used in fighting off the attack from disease causing agents (microbes), have a blood pressure lowering effect by thinning the blood and removing the waxy cholesterol in blood vessels. Juice from onions supplemented with honey and lemon extracts can fight inflammation related attacks like: Asthma, eczema and coughs.

Red onions have a varsity amount of vitamins A, E, C and traces of iron, calcium and a great deal of Sulfur. When supplemented with anti-oxidation, stomachic and cholesterol lowering food complements combats intestinal, gastro worms and general intestinal disorders

Onion side effects

People with asthma have shown contra-indications like Red eyes, skin rashes after taking onions others present with cases of allergy and increased heart burns in those found with heart burn cases resulting from excessive intake. Otherwise onion supplements in pure extract forms manufactured under strict GMP compliance (the global pharmacy products regulatory body) are safe for children and pregnant mothers as well.

Yes the onion has many benefits for human body. I'd recommend eating the raw onions on meal time it is good for health and also it is anti-biotic to prevent the body diseases.

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