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Amino acids can be called the ‘protein center’ of a human body.

This means that amino acids help in building and breaking proteins which are one of the most essentials  required by the muscles of your body to provide the energy for work. They are the organic substances used by our bodies to grow and process the food we ingest.

If you are suffering from excessive stress due to personal or professional lifestyle, or you are ageing and feel naturally fatigued as compared to before, this means that your body is in urgent need of amino acids.

Amino acid supplements are available in two forms – natural and chemical.

The natural amino acid enhancements can be further sub-divided into natural amino acids coming from food and natural amino acid complements made of vegetables.

Food – the biggest natural amino acid supplement

While your body already produces inessential amino acids, it also produces ‘essential’ amino acids by breaking down the proteins that you take as food.

Therefore food can be considered as one of the most undiluted sources of natural amino acid supplements.

If you have a healthy diet chart where you include all the essential food requirements of the body including protein, fat and carbohydrates, then your body gets its regular source of natural amino acids through the same.

Fish is considered to be a very good source of natural amino acid. At the same time other amino acid supplements also include meat like chicken and beef.

The above mentioned are the major sources of amino acids, because they are themselves a form of protein which can be digested by the body.

However that does not mean that the only thing in your diet will be meat and fish all day long.

This is because when you eat such food, the protein which enters the body needs to be broken down into essential proteins which the blood can carry to your muscles and tissues.

If you overload yourself with excessive protein then the body faces problem starting with mild symptoms like improper digestion to severe such as building up of unwanted fats along the lining of your intestines.

Therefore even if meat is a natural amino acid supplement, you should keep a check on the amount of meat or fish intake on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary pressure on your digestive system.

Vegetables also provide a rich source of amino acids, however not all vegetables do so. Green vegetables like peas are believed to have both amino acids i.e. protein as well as carbohydrates.

Natural and herbal amino acid supplements

At times due to improper functioning of the digestive system related to causes like ageing or intolerance to certain food products like milk or meat, the body is unable to get its normal and regular source of essential amino acids via food.

Eight out of the twenty two Amino acids are regarded essential for they can only be assumed through the diet, the rest are constructed by the body (non-essential).  Since the body do not store amino acids, it is beneficial to have an adequate diet. Certain lifestyle factors like stress can lead to an increased demand of amino acids by our bodies.

This is when ‘natural amino acid’ supplements come into play which means that there are herbal and vegetable induced, easy digestion amino acid supplements which can be taken orally to provide the body its requirement of natural amino acids.

Such natural amino acid supplements generally come from natural sources like plans and vegetables rich in amino acids, but which are easily breakable by the digestive system to provide the essential amino acids (tryptophan,lysine and cysteine) obtained from food sources such as beef, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, grains and nuts.

(glycine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid) commonly known as non essential amino acids these can be manufactured within our bodies naturally.

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