When does menopause start?  get advice on what Menopause supplements to use

menopause supplements

When ovaries cease to respond to instructions given by the pituitary gland of the brain to provide required levels of the estrogen and progesterone hormones in the ovaries,nature calls for the aging process in every woman. Most of the times referred to as Menopause (the end of a woman' menstruation).

One of the primary concerns when it comes to female nutrition is menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome, bone health and breast health. Globally women between the ages forty five-fifty five, some even starts at an early age to under go these symptoms.

Notable side effects associated with this syndrome includes: night sweats, hot flashes, mood changes, headaches and insomnia and numerous anxiety changes. The most common approach to this natural time of life is to replace the lost hormones by use of synthetic hormonal medication. The treatment also known as Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Side effects such as nausea, breast swell and tenderness, loss of libido-one's urge to have sex-and virginal dryness all present after menopause.

Hints to counter Symptoms

  1. Increase consumption of soy foods

Soy based foods are among the richest in concentrations of phyto estrogens. In addition to soy based foods and dietary supplements containing soy isoflavones, other sources like Red clover, Alfalfa and Rico rice can help in the reduction of hot flashes and their menopausal effects as well as supporting cardiovascular health. Vitamin E may also have some effects in reducing mild hot flashes.

Many menopausal women use Wild yam and progesterone ointments to combat the reduced libido and virginal dryness that often comes after menopause.

     2.  Take PMS supplements

Menopause supplements that do check these symptoms:

*Folic acid

*Black cohosh


*B6 and B12 vitamins

*omega3 fatty acids

*Flax seed oils

*Evening primrose oils

*Vitamin E

Omega3, flax seed oil, Evening primrose oils help prevent sore joints which commonly attack women in their early stages of menopause.

Vitamin B6 is among the supplements used in the treatment of Pre Menopause Symptoms. By taking 400-600 mg per day of vitamin B6 one can counter the overproduction of estrogen.

Flax seed oil, fish oil, evening primrose oils are some of the essential fatty acids that can help balance some of the fatty acids imbalances. Calcium and magnesium popularly known for bone health also appear to be effective in combating premenopausal symptoms.

Female ginseng has also been used to reduce Dysmenorrhea (painful menses and cramps). These complimentary treatments are generally safer that the convectional treatments although scientific evidence is unfriendly.

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