Medicinal mushrooms Have got anti-oxidative properties to help protect the body cells

The effectiveness of Medicinal mushrooms in promoting good health, fight hepatitis, and cacinogens (cancer causing cells), Coriolus versicolor type suppresses the deadly HIV.

These are mushrooms with worthful health gains. Mushroom supplements have been used for many centuries allover Asia as traditional medicine which has been the reason why medical mushrooms usage has not been recognized by western medicine.

Mush rooms were first used in china 3000 years ago up to the later years when Japan introduced purified mush room extracts to counter the types that are bitter in taste and woody in nature that were impossible to eat them as food.

Medicinal mushrooms belong to the biological class of modifiers which help to accelerate body's immunity, stimulate and maintain balance of many cellular immuno activities, also helpful in refilling lost body fluids and electrolytes.


We have about 250 known types including the Wild ones but here's my pick;

Tranetes verse color, Gernodermaspore, Cordyceps, Ganoderma,Coriolus versicolor and Tramates versicolor.

How mushroom supplements work?
Edible mushroom supplements extracts have been used in TCM (Chinese traditional medicine)Considered useful in increasing Liver and spleen organs functionality, also widely used to remove body toxins (Used by traditional Chinese medicine doctors) have special amino acids like
aminohex-4-ynoic acid

According to Medical "Mushrooms may be able to influence the production of certain human hormones, due to evidence from enzyme assay analysis. Mushrooms like Agaricus bisporus may be able to partially inhibit the activity of aromatase, the enzyme responsible for producing estrogen. Mushrooms like Reishi may be able to partially inhibit the activity of 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for producing dihydrotestosterone."

Mush room therapeutics

You are always advised to take mush room supplements 30 minutes before meals, taken at the rate of 1or2 (caps or tabs) daily will do for general well being, can be sold and used over the counter without prescription.

Possible Interactions

Apart from temporally recovery signs of irritability and constipation after taking mushroom supplements, there are no attested signs of detrimental interaction that should cause fear since these are natural symptoms and processes of illness transposition

That being said, people with severe blood loss resulting from surgical operations should not take mush room supplements. Also anybody who's allergic to mushrooms should abstain from taking mushrooms... more medicinal mushrooms related content

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Products recommended also are not meant to prevent, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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