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I love to remind you though that: Many Over the counter vitamin E supplements are synthetically manufactured yet your body can easily tell you between an "alpha-D-tocopherol" which's natural vitamin e and "dl-alpha-tocopherol" which's a synthetic supplement by the ease of conversion by the liver. I personally recommend you go for the alpha d type which's the right key in the right lock.

The system of nature is that as you grow old, the multiplication of cells in your body will reduce, the generation quantity of cell reproduction will go low and your organs will work slower with time.

However this is not something to fret about. Medical science has come up with its own cure of life extension alternatives which will help you lead a better longer life.

Life extension supplements are not meant for the elderly or the middle aged only, but also children including all and sundry.

However what kind of life elongation supplementation required for one is a matter of depending on one’s body type and element requirement.

How do such supplements work?

The truth behind life spanning supplements is that they work to improve your health by increasing or helping in stimulating the production of various elements that your body needs.

This means life extending supplements help in providing a balance to health by stimulating glands like the pituitary gland for hormones, the intestine for fatty acids etc.

The most unknown secret is that the food that you eat provides you the best life extension supplements ever.

Yes you read it right, natural food included in a balanced diet provide you with natural life supplements like vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants etc.

So before you pop in a pill, first go for natural supplements like green tea which will provide the best source of anti-oxidants for your body.

If you want vitamin supplements then you can go for citrus fruits like oranges which are loaded with vitamin C, which is necessary for upgrading your body’s immune system.

If you want fatty acids in your body, then you can go for healthy protein foods like meat which are the most natural source of life extension aggregates. This also provides the energy that your body requires.

So the secret is known to you now. From next time if you are healthy enough, but taking too many anti-biotic have affected your immune system, ask your doctor whether a vitamin C containing pill will be better or having lots of oranges will work better for you.

The key to a longer life is maintaining a proper lifestyle with regular workout and proper balanced diet.

Commercial life extension complements

There are cases where just having natural sources of life extension complements will not help your body.

At the same time, due to biological reasons, some people also tend to have a lack of the essential elements known to improve the ageing process and therefore they need to pop in  supplements like pills to make their organs function properly.

You can find a variety of these supplements ranging from pills to injections to help you grow ‘slowly’ and give you a longer life time.

However for the best of life extension enhancements, you should always consult a physician who will know best which element in your body you lack the most, be it some hormone or an enzyme and accordingly prescribe you the best life extension supplement your body requires.

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