Use of Immune System Supplements to fight physical strain in Modern Day life

Immune system supplements

Immune system also known as the body defense mechanism is a system that naturally designed to counter the effects yeasts, viruses, bacteria and other foreign disease causing organisms that attack body cells and tissues.

This system is responsible for detecting new and re-occurring attacks of foreign invaders it should work in a balanced state since any imbalance can possibly lead to auto immune disorders and adverse reactions like food allergic reactions.

Immune system supplements are designed to enhance the performance and activities of B and T cells (body cells responsible for the production of anti bodies) also included in such supplements are Thymus and Lymph glands enhancers.

Therapeutic values of immune system supplements

Ginseng-is a native herb of Korea used by early kings in north China as a therapy to build resistance to psychological and physical stress

  • defending the immune system against the effects of prolonged physical strain
  • used as a tonic to enhance vitality (capacity to survive and grow)
  • Ginseng arouses the central nervous system, stimulates the sex and endocrine glands, is a mental stimulant without side effects.

Damiana extract-well known as a sexual stimulant for men and women

Ginkgo biloba extract-improves memory and cognitive (knowledge) functioning. Ginkgo also protects the brain and nerve cells from damages resulting from free radicals build up, improves cerebral circulation thus helping reduce memory loss.

Wheat germ oil-is a natural anti oxidant stimulates new cell growth and healing of damaged hair and skin. Wheat germ oil also helps in reducing signs of ageing improves stamina and energy. Enhances resistance to illness.

Natural royal jelly- research points to royal jelly fed to the queen bee in a hive as a facilitator to the increased longevity in its life span of up to seven years royal jelly slows ageing engulfs whooping cough relieves anxiety shock and depression.

cordyceps simensis- a native fungus plant in the south western China region of Tibet with rare characteristics of being a plant and a worm. it grows on a worm (hepilus amoricanus) according to "New Compilation of Meteria Medica"describes cordyceps simensis as a worm living underground in winter with hairly silia over its body .as summer approaches these silia begin to break the earth and grows into a plant which ejects ascospore from the daughter cysts to infest the host worm thus beginning its parasitic life. The infested worm lasts for two years feeding on rhizomes and astragelus rich in nutrients.

Therapeutic gains of cordyceps simensis

Trials have asserted cordyceps to be effective with mild or no side effects restoring respiratory system disorders like shortness of breath, pulmonary tuberculosis and asthma. Cordyceps sinensis can act as an adjuvant to counter nephropathy problems such as renal failure also improves excretion functions of the kidneys.

Cordyceps regulates blood calcium and phosphorus ratio for easy absorption in the cardiovascular and blood system as a whole. it improves and uplifts male potency and women vitality, enhances the utilization of oxygen in the body.

Damiana extract-improve sexual performance by accelerating the blood circulation to the organs and increasing the sperm count.

Saw palmetto extract-is a specific ingredient for reducing inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland.

Muira puama extract-may help restore stamina and arousal of the sexual desire.

Grape vine extract-is a naturally occurring plant substance that contains a concentrated source of anti-oxidant nutrients known as aligomericproanthocyanidinis. Grapevine is indicated to enhance immune resistance and capillary strength and vascular function which helps the heart and decreases PMS problems, bruising edema from injuries or trauma, varicose veins and leg swelling.

Grapevine increase peripheral circulation reduces skin ageing and loss of elasticity of the skin, protects the body from sun damage, and improves flexibility in joints, arteries and body tissues like the heart.

One scientist Dr. Pazzeetu claimed that "wine consumption is related to heart problems” and that” there are elements in wine that seem to prevent cancer"

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