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Every body loses about 45 hairs each day.Some people lose as many as 60 hairs or more.

In a life time, a person will lose more than 1.5 million hairs. Click to read more on effects of stress on hair loss

‘Cuticles’ is the word you need to know before you dive into buying a hair complement for yourself.

It is a misconception in majority that hair is made of ‘dead cells’ and therefore it doesn’t require nourishment.

Well as mentioned above, your grandma knows the truth and that is why she used to ‘oil your scalp’ saying that this will help you get long lustrous hair.

She was never wrong. As a matter of fact, till date the most natural of hair supplements have been ‘hair oil’.

However with changing times and needs the types of hair oil has evolved multi folds and now the market is flooded with products or rather hair oil supplements which claim to give you the best healthy hair you have always wanted.

Hair enrichment– busting the myth

Whenever you wanted a natural hair like that of Rapunzel, you got carried away by the story that ‘combing your hair’ is the ultimate key to a longer hair with strength.

The truth is, if you have brittle hair, then the more you comb your hair, the more you are going to lose your hair.

At the same time excessive combing also puts a strain on your hair follicles which are the ‘key’ element to having a healthy hair.

Hair follicles are the roots which hold your hair to the scalp or skin. The hair follicles transfer nourishment from the hair to the hair root which in turn helps in hair growth.

This is where hair complements come into play. They provide the nourishment that your roots need to grow your hair just like a tree needs water to grow on the outside.

To start with one of the most natural hair nourishment vitamin E is the foremost natural hair supplement. Natural hair oils like the coconut oils and the mustard oil contains vitamin E in good amounts, and a proper massage on your scalp will provide your hair roots the nutrition it needs to grow.

If you have proper amount of natural proteins like fish oil and meat, then your hair roots will get natural supply of hair nutrients.

However if you do not have the time to ‘eat’ to nourish and you have damaged hair roots then vitamin E induced hair enhancements are available in the market, which includes both hair oils and pills.

Hair oil aggregation – why do you need them

Whenever you visit the salon, your hairstylist must be telling you that you have dry and damaged hair and you should get a ‘hair spa’ done to provide the necessary moisture to your hair.

The truth is that such hair products contain elements like silicon, biotin, collagen and vitamin E which can be provided externally to your hair and they work faster on moisturizing your hair roots because such hair supplements are in direct touch with your hair.

But you miss on the secret that a spa of an hour won’t help nourish your hair forever. Instead you can make natural hair complements at home with eggs, curd and bananas or if you are running short of time, then better opt for herbal hair products which will help retain the moisture of your otherwise dry and damaged hair.

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