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Green food supplements... are they worth what we call them?

My Helpful Info. On Spirulina Supplement

After taking spirulina herb for more than three years I decided to find out more about this wonder herb, and during my stricter observation this is what I discovered:

spirulina is one of the microscopic blue-green algae, mostly rich in proteins used as green food supplements around the surroundings of lake Chad. Scientists found great interest in the Aboriginal tribe living around lake Chad in central Africa, sipurilina was their source of strength and longevity and...rarely fell sick.

In monitoring studies, it was found that their diet contained chiefly of spirulina algae.

 Spirulina Contents

Spirulina is an abundant in beta carotene, chlorophyll and phycocyaninthe. It has largely of proteins, carbohydrates, traces of fats and some minerals. spirulina has many iron and B complex vitamins. Reach in gamma-linolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid. This liquid is a parent compound of a hormone-like family of lipids prostaglandins, which is a counter inflammatory agent.

Considering the nutritional value of spirulina, a 10 kg.serving has 6.5g carbohydrates, 1.8g;fat, 0.5g calcium, 100mg;iron, 15 mg;vitamin A,  2,500 retinal equivalents ,0.31mg;thiamine,0.35mg;riboflavin and 1.46mg;niacin.

Protein content of this wonder herb is about one and a half times that of soy beans, 3 times that of beef or fish. It has protein absorption rate of 65-80 percent, better than that of legumes absorbed at a reduced rate of only 40 percent.

Spirulina is suitable in boosting the body's immune system (the ability of body cells to fight and prevent infections) owing to the fact that it has ample vitamin B

linolenic acid is used to improve the functions of prostate glands.

In summary

  Spirulina algae is a complete well-balanced nutrient plant which has led to its use in the boosting of many life activities. In today’s trend of food scarcity, 100 grams of sparkling are comparable to 1kilogramme of vegetables. Supplements out of Spirulina are top-selling the world over

Green Plants Calcium Vs Rock Calcium

A lot of debate has been going on lately between calcium carbonates, calcium citrate and green plants calcium.

My take on the matter is as follows;

  • Bones are the major consumers of most of the calcium absorbed that being said bones also need other trace minerals like phosphorous, silica, magnesium and vitamin D for proper absorption and other biological functions like, support of our flexible parts of the bones.
  • If we are to think of our bone density every one from his mid-thirties up to his or her time of death loses one percent of the total bone formation. so think of a supplement that can support the bone density for those of you who will live longer than thirty-five years.
  • Studies that involved many participants indicated that traditional calcium supplements from limestone if taken in large amounts causes arterial plaques which blocks arteries and so cause heart attacks and or strokes.

Where as calcium from green food supplements is safer for human body, it also has one or more trace minerals which help guide calcium to the bones majorly. Trace minerals also help in balancing of other nutrients. organic calcium is effective at lower doses owing to the fact that it's readily absorbed by the body.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis lately due to manganese deficiency bout calcium citrate which was cheaper than the organic green food supplements like Source of life Natures plus (Algaecal) but again i have to either buy manganese or go for a more expensive Algaecal with manganese.


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