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Iron deficiency anemia is the second most common cause of anemia in the elderly, states American Family Physician. Iron deficiency anemia is treated using iron supplements.

However, people with increased iron needs or chronic malabsorption may need iron supplements to prevent a deficiency.  While most people get their daily intake through food, those with anemia may need iron supplements.  Some research, in spite of this, recommend that iron supplementation is unnecessary, unless indicators of iron-deficiency anemia are present. 

Individuals suffering from iron deficiency anemia are often prescribed therapeutic doses of iron supplementation.  Anemia is one such medical condition caused due to an iron deficiency.  According to MedlinePlus, iron-deficiency anemia is most common in babies 9 to 24 months of age.  Iron deficiency without anemia has been linked to negative impacts on cognitive development in children and adolescents. 

When a child's anemia reaches levels where therapeutic Iron is needed, cramps & constipation are seen occasionally.  Diseases that affect portions of the GI tract involved with iron absorption may reduce the effectiveness of oral iron supplementation.  Iron absorption is influenced by several factors.


Iron absorption is affected by the amount of iron digested at one time. The National Anemia Action Council states that to treat iron deficiency anemia, you may require 60 to 200 mg of elemental iron. The larger the dose of iron delivered to your intestines, the less your body absorbs. Most over-the-counter iron supplements contain 35 to 100 mg of elemental iron available.

Intestinal iron absorption is poor to start with and oral iron supplements commonly discolor the stool black.  Iron absorption is increased when vitamin C and iron are consumed at the same time.  Iron absorption is affected by the amount of iron digested at one time.  Also, if coffee or tea is drunk one hour after eating, iron absorption can decrease.  If you are getting too  much Iron  - side effects may be worse.. 

Iron Supplement Side Effects

Some noticeable side effects of iron supplements are very common but not harmful.  Iron supplements used to treat iron deficiency anemia may cause a variety of digestive side effects, including dark stools.  Insufficient iron intake or absorption can cause iron deficiency anemia, leading to weakness, fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating. 

Constipation when using iron products is very common, but it also depends on diet, activity and fluid intake. All of these help to lessen symptoms of constipation overall. Having a high fiber diet also helps. If you have significant constipation when using iron- be sure to talk to your doctor to see if you have other options.

Iron Glycinate   Cramps, stomach ache, constipation, less often diarrhea; occasional flare of inflammatory bowel disease. IV supplementation can cause allergic reaction, fever, joint aches and pains, rash.  Taking iron supplements with food can reduce the amount of iron your body absorbs.

However, people who cannot tolerate iron supplements on an empty stomach may need to take iron with some food to minimize diarrhea or other side effects. If you take iron with food, avoid foods that inhibit iron absorption, such as calcium, dairy products, high-fiber whole grains, bran and raw vegetables, coffee, tea and soybeans. Vitamin C can boost iron absorption, so consider taking iron with a vitamin C supplement or a glass of orange juice.

Depending on the severity of your anemia, your health care provider can recommend which type of iron salt you should take and how many doses you need per day to correct your anemia.  The most common      side-effects  of iron supplements are  nausea and abdominal discomfort. These symptoms are dose-related and vary with different forms of iron. Splitting your dose into smaller doses throughout the day, and taking your supplement after a meal ('with meals' may interfere with absorption) can help curb some of the unpleasantness.

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