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Chinese herbal supplements

Chinese traditional medicine is a well-organized system of medical knowledge based on clinical trials, experiments, observations and findings recorded

Thousands of years elapsed as the usefulness of herbs came to light to be known as treatment agents. Generation after generation, knowledge concerning medicinal properties and instructions on their correct use have been recognized. Recently it was discovered that reserpine one of the formulations in synthetic tranquilizer, was used for centuries in Indian culture (snake root) as a soothing agent, Coriolus versicolor a type of mushroom with anti HIV properties found allover the globe.

The effectiveness of traditional Chinese herbal supplements has been verified by present day scientists and modern science. Much of the Chinese herbal remedies have been proven to work but are yet to be adopted in Western medicine to any larger extent. Medicinal herbs are almost every where globally; in China alone over twenty thousand species of herbs have been identified by the World Health organization (WHO).

The Chinese Approach To Illness

Chinese medicine states that illness results when there's a disharmony in the body or when something is out of balance. The concept of bodily organs is totally different from that of Western medicine, as organs are viewed according to the perceived functions rather than the literal functions known to the Western medicine.

According to Stefan Chmelik a Chinese herbal secrets specialist the twelve main organs are distinguished by the use of a capital letter, ex. Spleen (in Traditional Chinese Medicine) as opposed to spleen (in Western medicine)

Chinese herbal supplements are used in combinations best known as herbal formulas. This is so because herbal combinations has several advantages when compared to single herbs, have wider applications compared to single herbs, one herbal combination can neutralize the side effects of a single herb like: muira puama, epimedium, damiana and maca all work in combination to provide desirable performance efficacy.

Chinese medicine versus Western medicine

Western medicine treats diseases and ailments that are visible, mechanical and structural in nature through the use of synthetic drugs and surgery. T CM on the other hand does not treat structural changes; it dedicates itself in treating physiological and functional imbalances that are invisible to the unaided western eye.

How herbal dietary supplements  compare to Real-World Methods?

TC M can best be considered a medicine of Bio-energy with an objective of balancing the body electro-magnetically, nutritionally and emotionally without the use of dangerous steroid drugs & prohormones or surgery more so during our old age.

Benefits Of Traditional Chinese medicine

According to the Book "The healing power of Chinese Herbs And Medicinal Recipes" Herbs are safer than drugs because they are naturally rich in both biologically active and inert substances. more on our selection of herbal remedies

Many of these nutrients have strong antioxidants, detoxicants, scavenging and dual functioning properties. Herbs do not work like chemical drugs, but they closely resemble orthomolecular substances of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that naturally exist in our bodies. Also medicinal herbs do not give immediate reactions, rather subtle and gradual effects. Chinese herbal remedies tend to fill the needs of one's system as a whole.

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