Brain Memory supplements for improved mental performance

Brain Memory supplements and vitamins may not necessarily be helpful for every body,if we are to compare lifestyle changes these supplements are only complimentary.

There is a wide variety of brain boosters selling in the market, and many of the manufacturers claim lack in research to support the memory enhancing capabilities. Finding new ways to reverse memory loss is supposed to produce overwhelming results, which will imply that fewer people with Alzheimer's disease at the onset of old age will decline.

Your ability to remember things depends on how the brain gets the brain cells to make fresh connections, and they do best when they are exited, and therefore, you will most likely remember those events that occurred when you were feeling intellectually or emotionally stimulated. Acetylcholine is the core messenger in the brains that maintains the brain cells in an exited state.

Gingko biloba is becoming more prominent in showing results more than brain memory boosters, which tends to effectively enhance the circulation of blood in the small vessels. More research results show that the Meta analysis, as well as, systematic reviews supports gingko biloba, as being efficient even in the treatment of dementia. Other benefits include alertness, mood, and mental ability.

Memory Supplements

Memory vitamins and supplements may not necessarily be helpful for all people, and these supplements should be taken together with lifestyle changes such as having appropriate exercise, having a healthier diet, and more sleep which contributes positively to memory and brain health. Supplements and vitamins are merely supplemental

Omega 3 fatty acid

This memory supplement is derived from fish oil, and research results depict that high levels of intake of omega 3 fatty acid from foods like nut oils, fish, and other plants is closely linked  to lower risks of contacting alzheimer’s disease.


It is a natural medicine found in the Chinese club moss, and it works in a similar way as most alzheimer’s drugs


This is an amino acid that is used in the treatment of alzheimer’s patients who have memory problems, as well as, those individuals with early onset of memory decline

Asian ginseng

This is a natural herb that is usually used in combination with gingko biloba. This memory supplement is particularly useful for fatigue and having a high quality of life.


This nutrient is found in most foods, and performs many functions in your body. It is important for developing the brain of the fetus, and therefore, people who get high intakes of choline early in life are likely to be more intelligent, and high levels of memory retention as they grow old. It is mainly found in meats and vegetables.


 This supplement is found in all human cells, and possesses slight evidence for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, although there is no proof that it can enhance memory.


Vitamin E does not necessarily diminish the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, however, there is slight evidence that it can slow down the progression of the disease. Low blood levels of vitamin B such as B-6, B-12, and folic acid work well with impaired mental capabilities in aging people.

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