The little known best calcium supplements

best calcium supplements

Calcium is the by far the most abundant mineral in the body. Nearly 99out of 100 of calcium is stored in our bones ready to be archived for the body's usage. Did you know that all muscle activities from the eyes to the heart need and consume calcium for their optimal operation?

                                          Roles of calcium in the body

  1. it's an essential part of our skeletal structure
  2. Bone calcium serves as a bank that can release calcium to the body fluids if even the minute drop in blood calcium concentration occurs. Many people have the idea that once deposited in bone calcium (together with other bone minerals) stays there for ever. That once a bone is built it is inert, like a rock. This is not true because the bone minerals are in constant flux, with formation and dissolution taking place every minute that passes-by.

Calcium and phosphorous are essential in the formation of bones. As bones begin to form, calcium phosphate salts crystallize on a foundation material composed of the protein collagen. The resulting hydroxyapatite crystals invade the collagen and eventually lend more and more rigidity to the maturing bones until they are able to support the weight they are able to carry.

During and after this bone strengthening process, fluoride may displace the hydroxy-containing a hydroxyl group-parts of these crystals forming fruorapatite, which is resistant to decay. Thus the long leg bones of children can support their weight by the time they have learned to walk.

The formation of teeth follows a pattern similar to that of bones. A hydroxyapatite crystal forms on a collagen matrix to create the dentin that gives strength to the teeth. Calcification of the baby teeth occurs in the gums during the latter half of the infant's time in the womb. The calcification of the permanent teeth takes place during early childhood up to about the age three that of the wisdom teeth begins at about the age of ten.

The turn over of minerals in teeth is not as rapid as in bone, but some withdrawals and re-deposits do take place through out life.

                              Calcium in body fluids

  • Only about one percent of the body's calcium is in the fluid that bathes and fills the cells, but these tiny amounts plays major roles. These major roles include:
  • Regulating the transport of ions across cell membranes and is particularly important in nerve transmission
  • It enables secretion of hormones, digestive enzymes and neurotransmitters.
  • It plays an important role in the clotting of blood; because of its importance blood calcium is tightly controlled.

                                       Calcium balance

Calcium deficiencies are widely spread due largely to losses in adulthood. To protect against these losses, early calcium in-take early in life are strongly recommended. A calcium deficient diet during the growing years may prevent the achievement of maximum bone mass and density. Too little calcium packed into the skeleton during childhood and young adult hood strongly predicts susceptibility to osteoporosis later in adulthood. The body of an adolescent girl hungers for calcium, absorbing and retaining more calcium from each meal than the body of an adult.

                                Sources of calcium


Broccoli, kale, spinach, asparagus and romaine lettuce are rich in calcium. Cauliflower, cabbage and Carrots also have good amounts of calcium.


Apart from fortified foods, yogurt, cheese and Milk are the natural sources of calcium

Dietary supplements

Calcium citrate and calcium carbonate, but calcium carbonate a little cheaper.

Nuts and seeds

Walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, are good sources of this mineral

                             Best calcium supplements

Most of these products are formulated from the extracts of fresh ox bone through bio-transformation. This process is by activating the bone calcium to form calcium-chelated, peptides of low molecular weight and amino acids. Calcium in these two forms plays a vital role in the transference of amino acids to the surface of the intestinal epithelium for easy absorption.

Tianshi Nutrient High calcium Powder i

Every sachet of this powder contains 400mg of calcium. The advantage of this product over others includes the following:

  • Made from fresh bone rich in calcium and other nutrients
  • The product is presented in a formulation where it's completely and readily absorbed. This formulation is obtained by using modern bio-engineering degradation process with the use of bio-active enzymes.
  • The product has been formulated to achieve the original calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 2:1as to gain efficient absorption through intestinal epithelium.
  • It provides a rich source of proteins, amino acids and trace elements.
  • The product is totally of natural ingredients without preservatives.

Tianshi Nutrient High Calcium Powder ii

This product is one of the specially formulated best calcium supplements for people with elevated blood sugar levels, diabetic patients. In addition to the enzyme degraded calcium powder, are powdered pumpkin isomaltose vitamins and trace elements. This pumpkin powder also known as curative food for diabetics, so added in combination with other ingredients to correct calcium deficiency in diabetic patients. It provides sufficient nutrients tot the body and promotes effective Insulin regulation thus checking the elevated blood sugars.

Tianshi Children High Calcium Powder

Another one of the best calcium supplements formulated with high nutrient supplement for children. In addition to the former nutrients, are: egg yolk powder, whole milk powder and trace elements (zinc and iron). It also contains 8 essential amino acids and multivitamins. These best calcium supplements are necessary for growth in children. Lecithin and taurine have specially been added to enhance the cerebral development. it helps provide additional nutrients for malnourished children and in cases of calcium deficiency.

Tianshi Lecithin and Calcium

  • Talking about benefits of best calcium supplements, this product is care fully formulated with fresh enzyme degraded calcium powder and lecithin, it supplies the required nutrients to the nervous system resulting in increased cerebral functions. this enhances memory retention and retards aging of the cerebral cells.

Tianshi Chewable Calcium Tablets

  • Magnesium is critical to the operation of hundreds of enzymes, and it directly affects the metabolism of potassium, calcium and vitamin D. Magnesium acts in the cells of all the soft tissues, where it's is part of the protein making machinery and is necessary for the release of energy. Magnesium helps muscles relax after contraction and promotes resistance to the tooth decay and holds calcium in tooth enamel. Magnesium deficiency may be related to cardiovascular disease, heart attack and high blood pressure.
  • This product is formulated with the addition of different natural flavors, available in sweet peach, strawberry and the famous muskmelon flavors. This improves the appetite of different people. Magnesium is added to enhance enzyme functions.

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