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Amino acid supplements

Amino acids are building blocks of proteins which are considered to be most important part of human diet. As the muscles mostly consist of proteins so amino acid supplements are considered to be one of the most important supplements. These supplements can be used for both purposes; body building and regular balanced diet. Amino acids are divided into two types:

1) Non essential amino acids

2) Essential amino acids

The kinds of amino acids which are created by the body itself are called non essential amino acids. These are not required to be taken along with food as the body creates the required amount of these non essential amino acids daily. The other type is called essential amino acids. These types of amino acids are not formed by the human body and therefore are required to be taken as a part of daily diet.

Notable uses

When it comes to body building, amino acid supplements are considered to be most important supplements as they help in building muscle mass, urea metabolism and excretion, muscle growth and muscle repair. Along with this, intake of non essential amino acids, in the form of supplements, while body building ensures that essential amino acids are consumed by body in making muscle mass instead of being used in production of non essential amino acids.

Along with the purpose of increasing the muscle mass, amino acids also increase the brain function and help repair glands, organs, skin and nail. There are total of 20 amino acids among which human body can produce only 10. One of the most common purposes of using amino supplements, along with muscle building, is stimulating the growth of hormone.

Branched chain amino acids are type of amino acids which are mostly found in amino acid supplements. According to research, the intake of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) results in decrease of protein degradation due to exercise and decrease in release of muscle enzyme. Muscle enzyme is excreted by muscles to indicate about the muscle damage.

Along with this BCAAs are used to decrease the sense of muscle fatigue while body building. When having amino acids, it is advised to take vitamin C and vitamin B6 to facilitate the digestion of amino acids.

Among amino supplements, GABA supplement is very common. GABA stands for gamma amino butyric acid. It is used to inhibit the transfer of signals from one cell to another in a nervous system. It is therefore considered as relaxant. Acetyl L carnitine is another type of amino acid which increases the carbohydrate usage and therefore helps in maintaining high level of energy.

Along with this, it also helps maintaining a healthy heart and increases the overall functioning of brain. If you are looking on better focus and concentration along with calm mood then L tyrosine is the amino acid complement you are looking for. This amino acid is non essential and helps maintaining focus. Along with this, creatine is also an amino acid which helps increase brain function and decrease the level of muscle fatigue.

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