Acetyl L-carnitine supplements – the new found secret to resist

Acetyl L-carnitine supplements...

Active metabolism is the key to living a healthy life. While one cannot stay forever young, he/she can surely try the best to slow down the ageing process.

While there are already multiple acids which are known to help in cell regeneration and anti-ageing, Acetyl – L –carnitine is the newest member to join the group of cell regeneration supplements.

While cell regeneration is one of the reasons for having Acetyl L-carnitine supplements, one of the major reasons for having the supplements is that it aids in healthy weight loss.

Acetyl – L- carnitine is generally produced and stored by and in the intestines and the liver.

It acts as a fast metabolism enhancer and hence acetyl -L- supplements are also taken as diet supplements to fasten the weight loss process.

How acetyl-L-cartinine helps you?

To begin with Acetyl L-carnitine supplements help in reducing the oxidative damage in that centre of the brain which works with the ageing process.

This means that if taken in proper quantity, acetyl-L-supplements will help in preventing cell degeneration which in turn will help in slowing the ‘ageing’ of cells as a whole.

The secret and scientific explanation behind this is that, the life of a cell depends largely on the oxygen supply that each cell gets. By natural process as older the cells get, lesser is the supply of acetyl –L- acid to those cells, hence creating ‘wrinkled skin’ on the top.

Having acetyl –L - carnitine supplements will help in externally aided oxygen supply to the cells thereby increasing their life cycle.

Being a water soluble element, Acetyl L-carnitine supplements works faster than any other amino acid in the same category, because it gets absorbed faster than any fat soluble amino acid thereby working faster than the other acetyl Ls.

This also makes acetyl L carnitine a supplement in demand, because acetyl –L can be taken by anybody irrespective of the digestion issues of an individual.

Acetyl – L-carnitine for picking up oxygen levels

Acetyl –L-carnitine is best known for its oxidative working power, and hence is considered to be a probable oxygen inducing supplements for people who are exposed to regular strenuous exercises by profession or by personal choice.

After the body uses its natural amount of oxygen, it requires an additional amount of supplements to keep its metabolism rate going.

Acetyl –L –Carnitine supplements help in increasing the oxygen amount to the body’s muscles, to keep up with the requirement of energy levels of the same.

Acetyl –L-carnitine supplements for diet

Since metabolism is considered as one of the best qualities of having acetyl-L carnitine supplements, therefore it is also considered as a dietary supplement which can be taken to increase the metabolism of the body to aid in fast reduction.

However as a dietary supplement acetyl-N-carnitine is used along with alpha lipoic acid to serve the optimum work as a weight loss supplement.

However while the above mentioned functions of acetyl-L-carnitine is a result of scientific results, the acetyl-L-supplements are very new in the market, and there is no official approval of using the same on a regular basis.

Therefore before taking Acetyl-L-carnitine supplements, please consult a doctor on its specific usage on the basis of requirement and dosage both.

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